Goleta - Santa Barbara - Carpinteria, Wednesday, July 26, 2017



By Steve Bissell

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Images © 2014 Steve Bissell

I saw my first waves in a long spell just the other day.  It was nice to see, smell and hear a winter swell come home to our Santa Barbara shores.  The beach was once again alive with awesome winter energy. Man, how I have missed it…

As I set up my gear and looked through some expensive glass, I noticed a surfer with a sense of humor. He was a really big guy, with some sort of cowboy hat who was dropping in on some real buckin’ bronco waves, and getting tossed around like some rag doll.  But, like all cowboys, just having a hell of a good time.  Actually, he looked like some extra from a beach blanket Frankie and Annette movie, that have become burned into almost all of us American pea-brains. Yep, I saw a lot of that silly stuff as a kid, way before I ever thought that one day I’‘d be riding those giant, plastic-covered foam planks.

My photo-surfari was over quick, lasting just an hour, as the wind turned from off-shore to on-shore.  But, the die was cast, and there will be much more soon I hope. The ocean can’’t wash away my cares, but it does do a good job of drowning them out for a few hours, and with one last look to sea, I turned and left.



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» wrote on 10.24.14 @ 08:27 PM

Nice work Steve-O!!

» wrote on 10.25.14 @ 06:58 AM

Nice job Steve, glad to see you out there taking pictures. Yes I think it will be a good year for you. Can’t wait to see what you can bring us.

» wrote on 10.25.14 @ 01:03 PM

Whew hooo!!!  BEAUTIFUL Steve.  Thank you for sharing these!! xoxo

» wrote on 10.25.14 @ 07:19 PM

YEA Steve-O, just like that cowboy, it great to see ya “Back in the Saddle” my friend. I can’t wait too see what “The Mesa Madman” comes up with this Winter. “Stay Stoked, and Stay Forever Young”  Da Lieb

» wrote on 11.16.14 @ 06:09 PM

Good to see you back at this website, great work. Looks like you still remember a thing or two we learned at Brooks!

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