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Official Results: Rincon Classic 2011

By Jon Shafer

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Pro Division Champion Mike McCabe  Photo: Bissell
Open Men’s Champion Andrew Bennett  Photo: Shafer




2011 Quiksilver Rincon Classic Presented By Channel Islands Surfboards
      28th annual event – 11th produced by Surf Happens
                In Memory Of Jeff White


Gremlins (11 & under)
1. Sean Woods 11.33
2. Henry Hepp   9.20
3. Jeffrey Knell   6.16
4. Sawyer Rhodes   4.40
5. Evan Blix   3.50
6. Aden Capps   1.97

Boys (12-14)

1. Vinny Leonelli 16.50
2. Spencer Smith 15.17
3. Mickey Clarke 11.90
4. Jason Knell   8.67
5. Will Hogue   6.97
6. Kyle Davis           6.66

Juniors (15-17)

1. Charlie Dentzel 14.37
2. Charlie Fawcett 14.23
3. Sam Regan 11.64
4. Matty Parker 11.60
5. Harrison Adler   8.80
6. Beau Clarke   6.17

Wahine (17 & under)

1. Lakey Peterson 16.33
2. Steffi Kerson   8.36
3. Jessee Ransone   6.07
4. Isabella Radis     5.27
5. Kaitlyn Gruetzmacher   4.37
6. Zoe Luna   4.37

Women’s Shortboard

1. Demi Boelsterli 15.50
2. Lakey Peterson 11.10
3. Lisa Wynn Luna   6.23
4. Aubrey Faulk Luyendyk   4.90
5. Kaitlyn Gruetzmacher   3.66
6. Carolyn Day   0.00

Longboard (All Ages)

1. Robert Curtis 10.40
2. Oliver Parker 10.33
3. Daniel Graham   8.43
4. J.P Garcia   7.64
5. Jon Shields   5.60
6. Cole Robbins   0.00


1. Max Cail 16.00
2. Donald Day 14.43
3. Justin Pawl 10.33
4. Brett William Jordan   8.80
5. Jason Smith   8.17
6. Chuck Graham   6.77

Grand Master’s

1. Mike Lamm 12.83
2. Alexis Cottavoz 12.66
3. Steve Dwyer 12.16
4. Chuck Graham   9.93
5. Steve Hanson   7.40
6. Tad Dahlke   6.10


1. Bill Urbany   7.83
2. Don Campbell   7.34
3. Andy Neumann   7.33
4. Dave Johnson   6.33
5. Matt Moore   4.47
6. L Paul Mann   4.23


1. Andrew Bennett 16.60
2. Adam Lambert 12.53
3. Dennis Rizzo 12.46
4. Colin Schildhauer 11.76
5. Colin Dwyer   9.47
6. Sean Lesh   7.57

Pro Final

1. Mike McCabe 14.83 $1,200.00
2. Kilian Garland 14.63   $900.00
3. Andrew Bennett   9.10   $700.00
4. Tarik Khashoggi   6.33 $500.00

Top Stats:

Adam Lambert highest wave score:        9.77
Dennis Rizzo best heat average:            17.34
Total number of waves surfed in the event: 723


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» wrote on 01.25.11 @ 03:30 AM

WTF! A Malibu guy wins the Grand Masters???!!! What possible connection does he have with the Carp-SB-Goleta community? Just another reason why this circus is far from it’s roots…

» wrote on 01.25.11 @ 03:45 AM

Urbany has lived in Santa Barbara for decades, raises his family here.  Gotta love the Internet.

» wrote on 01.25.11 @ 05:03 AM

Not talking about Urbany… He was in the “Legends” division… No knock on the Malibu guy - just should not be in a “local” contest…

» wrote on 01.25.11 @ 01:32 PM

I love the Rincon Classic combined with football playoffs! Yeah, no kooks in Goleta last weekend.

» wrote on 01.25.11 @ 05:21 PM

Well once again, as it always seems to be the case,  you can’t please everybody, and Durf has a very valid point on the entry of “The Malibu guy”. However, there is always something behind the scenes, a missing piece to the puzzle that is not being seen.

Truth be known:

1. Every surfer from outside of the 805 that was entered into the event was emailed and removed from the event and provided a refund: 25 surfers removed.

2. Surfers that registered for the event were given priority from within the local communities of Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, and Goleta, expanding outward to Ventura.

3. On the day of the event if a local surfer showed up they were given priority and entered into the event.

4. The “Malibu Guy” MG, has lived in Ventura for over ten years and qualifies as an 805 resident. He was placed as the last alternate in the event. On the day of the event several local Grand Masters including Steve Hanson, showed up on the beach and were slotted in front of MG. When the last quarter final came around all other local alternates had surfed in heats and there was a no show. MG had waited all day to get into the heat that a slot came about.

Of course, your point is well taken Durf and if you have any sollutions we are open to them. Also, maybe take into account who was in the event itself, who made it run, and how much of the community participated. From Matt Moore, Andy Neumann, Danny Bralver and others in the Legends, to Tom Curren helping save the day Sunday morning when the south easteries hit, all the local groms, aunties and uncles who live here who were there.

Chris Brown on the mike was Classic, Mike Billgren and Tony Luna holding together the Shore Sheriff area with the help of Heather King, Maaya Hensman, Hillary Gray, Eden Schmidt, Jade, and Selena Schmidt. 3rd generation Carpinteria native Aubrey Faulk Luyendyk and her husband Loren from Surfers Without Borders spreading awareness. La Conchata fixture Mathew Malone as the head judge. Water patrol Travis Vogel, Timmy and Spencer Davis, Ryan Moore…

My point is that the list goes on and on from the people from the community that were there that make this event special year after year.

First and foremost this event is about local community and will always be so.

» wrote on 01.25.11 @ 10:39 PM

Hey Durf - the contest is anything but far from it’s roots as everyone that surfed in it or helped out is the living soul of Rincon. 

It was difficult for me to get into the comp when I was a grom (in the 90s) and I was born in SB and lived in Carp - Now - the contest welcomes people from SB, Goleta, Carp, and Ventura - after all - 80% of the point is in Ventura County. 

The “Malibu Guy” has, in fact, lived in Ventura for over a decade - and don’t get bummed if he beat you - make it a point to take him out next year.

» wrote on 01.26.11 @ 06:09 AM

Rincon was going off…couldn’t be much better…thanks for putting it on for the city.  Buck the commercial reps

» wrote on 01.26.11 @ 10:50 PM

I’m all straightened-out on the entire thing…

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