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Rincon Classic 2013

By Jon Shafer

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Juniors Champion Pat Curren flashes the trademark Curren Style Photos © Jon Shafer

Rincon Classic 2013 Pro Division Champion Conner Coffin

Watch the Slideshow

“Locked out of Heaven” by Jon Shafer
Music by Bruno Mars

Josh Pomer’s Video of RC 2013 Finals

Pomer’s Highlight Clips

Click Here to View Baron Spafford’s Gallery of RC-2013 Images

Jenny Keet’s AMAZING Rincon Classic Retrospective Video

Ethan Stewart’s Rincon Classic 2013 Contest Report in the INDEPENDENT.

Ryan Richardson’s 30th Annual Rincon Classic Wrap-up on the Sundance Beach Blog.

Official Results of Rincon Classic 2013

•  Boys

1. Josiah Amico
2. Mickey Clark
3. Peter Healey

•  Gremlins

1. Tommy McKeweon
2. Zane Booth
3. Jabe Swercoki

•  Masters

1. Aaron Smith
2. Gabe Venturelli
3. Ian O’Neill

•  Wahine

1. Abby Brown
2. Jesse Ransone
3. Alanna Moore

•  Grand Masters

1. Tony DeGroot
2. Chuck Graham
3. Dave Johnson

•  Juniors

1. Patrick Curren
2. Vinny Leonelli
3. Charlie Fawcett

•  Longboard

1. Cole Robbins
2. Jeff Belzer
3. Evan Trauntvein

•  Womens

1. Demi Boelsterli
2. Catherine Clark
3. Sierra Partridge
4. Abby Brown

•  Legends

1. Kit Cosart
2. And Neumann
3. L. Paul Mann

•  Men’s

1. Simon Murdoch
2. Colin Schildaur
3. Javier Moreno

•  Professional

1. Conner Coffin
2. Mike McCabe
3. Kilian Garland

Congratulations to all Contestants and Winners


Cole Robbins

Jeffrey Belzer

Tony DeGroot

Max Cail

Pat Curren

Abby Brown



Gabe Venturelli



Be sure to visit www.RinconClassic.com



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» wrote on 03.04.13 @ 03:40 PM

So Sick! I Am Already Waiting In Excitement For Next Year. I Feel Like I Am Waiting For Christmas! Are Their Any Photos From Masters? This Was My First Classic And I Would Love A Photo. I Think I Was In Master’s Heat 4 At 12 Noon Green Jersey. Not To Sound Selfish But I Have Zero Surf Photos Of Me. CLASSIC CON! .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

» wrote on 03.04.13 @ 05:42 PM

The ENERGY at the Rincon Classic contest was chock full of Family & Friends rooting for everyone all the same !!! ” Classic ” like it should be… Congradulation’s EVERYONE smile What a Fun weekend !

» wrote on 03.04.13 @ 06:56 PM

Here ya go Jon:


1st Abby Brown 2nd Jesse Ransone 3rd Allana Moore 4th Poppy Brittingham 5th Zoe Luna 6th Olivia Seimens


1st Demi Boelsterli 2nd Katherine Clark 3rd 3rd Sierra Partridge 4th Abby Brown 5th Poppy Brittingham 6th Lisa Luna


1st Tommy McKeown 2nd Zane Booth 3rd Jabe Sweirkocki 4th Kaden Tsuji 5th Fisher Devoe 6th Gavin Eason

Boys - Missing


1st Pat Curren 2nd Vinny Leonelli 3rd Charlie Fawcett 4th Mickey Clarke 5th Jason Knell 6th Bronson Wheelan


1st Simon Murdoch 2nd Colin Schildhaur 3rd Javier Moreno 4th Sean O’Toole 5th Matt Maheri 6th Adam Lambert


1st Aaron Smith 2nd Gabe Venturelli 3rd Ian O’Neill 4th Max Cail 5th Josh Pomer 6th Kas Alves


1st Tony DeGroot 2ndChuck Graham 3rd Dave Johnson 4th Tony Luna 5th Craig Jennings 6th Steve Reichal


1st Kit Cosart 2nd Andy Neuman 3rd L. Paul Mann 4th Dave Johnson 5th Bruce Hosmer 6th Tom McKeown


1st Conner Coffin 2nd Mike Mc Cabe 3rd Kilian Garland 4th Pete Mussio

» wrote on 03.04.13 @ 09:25 PM

You should list all the finalists names which are 1st through 6th place with the exception of Pro’s which are 1st through 4th. They all wait a year to compete worked hard to make the final and every finalist deserves the recognition. Yewwww.

» wrote on 03.06.13 @ 04:22 PM

Official results along with scores now up at:

» wrote on 03.08.13 @ 01:30 AM

Historical video is killer. Thanks!

» wrote on 03.11.13 @ 02:40 PM

Way to tear it up at high speed, Gabe!

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