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Sacred Craft 2011:  Santa Cruz

By Baron Spafford

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Ventura’s Loss = Santa Cruz’ Gain:  Sacred Craft Moves North

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Words & Images © 2011 Baron Spafford

The Gathering of The Northern Tribe

    The draw was irresistible. Although I totally consider myself a Santa Barbara local, ever since moving here in ‘72, my surfing roots are firmly planted in Santa Cruz.  So, when I first heard that Sacred Craft was honoring Doug Haut, I marked the date in my calendar.  The opportunity to see so many of my old friends, who had played such an important part in my life and the history of Northern California surfing, couldn’t be missed. And I wasn’t disappointed.  The event drew the heavy hitters of the industry, Randy French of Surftech, Pat O’Neill, Randy Rarick, Bing Copeland, and Sam George among others. The focus, of course, was on “The Man”, Doug Haut.  Doug has influenced so many. With his surfing, his shaping, and his lifestyle.  We all came out of the woods to pay homage to The Master.  The 60’s and 70’s were well represented there.  Roger Adams, the first pro in Northern California, Mark Angell, Rich Novak, Steve ColettaMarc Andreini and a slew of others were all present.  Those present may not have “Busted Down the Door,” but all helped keep the soul in surfing.  Mr. Haut was leader of the pack, and we’re all very thankful and aware of that…

    It was also great to have such fine representation from the Santa Barbara contingency.  Wayne Rich did us all proud, and was supported by his dear friends, Mike Coolen, Steve Brom, Seth de Roulet, David Pu’u,  and myself.  Although it seemed like the winner of the shape-off would most certainly be either Wayne or Mark Angell, in the end it came down to Ward Coffey.  I’m sure that all who witnessed the competition would agree that Ward was the rightful winner…

    If you have never been to such a gathering, be sure to put it high on your bucket list.

The Underground Lives,


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» wrote on 03.31.11 @ 10:59 AM

Really nice piece Baron, I enjoyed it.

» wrote on 03.31.11 @ 11:28 AM

Beautiful photography Baron…your always paying others compliments, well, I really loved this artfull little presentation. Please toss us some more of your genius,...and don’t trip over them “eyebrows” on the way to the beach, mon!! Ha!!

lov ya,

steve bissell

» wrote on 03.31.11 @ 05:37 PM

I was wondering if johnny rice was up there, he’s a santa cruz local & legend and has been shapeing forever.he also used to live at silver strand(78/79)and he shaped me a couple of great boards.

  If i ever moved back to california it would be santa
cruz, i was stationed at fort ord in 71-72 and loved the area and all the point breaks even if i was goofy foot.
biggest waves i ever rode were at steamer lane.4 times overhead.

» wrote on 03.31.11 @ 09:13 PM

omg we are all getting so old… enjoyed the sideshow

» wrote on 03.31.11 @ 10:10 PM

It was wonderful to see so many faces I grew up surfing with and looked up They were all good surfers great pictures.

» wrote on 04.01.11 @ 02:05 AM

Very nice,must have been fun.

» wrote on 04.01.11 @ 12:45 PM

Nice Baron!
Loved the sound track

» wrote on 04.01.11 @ 05:40 PM

Nice pics B! Always knew you took great pics but your writing was great as well. Nice job!

» wrote on 04.01.11 @ 06:39 PM

Always great to see you. Thanks for all your fantastic images. As always, you have captured all of our spirits.  My love & respect to you Bro.

» wrote on 04.02.11 @ 04:33 PM

Very well done and really nice to see some of the core of Santa Cruz just like the old days… Keep up the great work..

» wrote on 04.04.11 @ 01:56 AM

Hey, aloha, it is really great to see Doug Haut honored. BTY, You have Simon Anderson’s name under photos of Randy Rarick.

» wrote on 04.04.11 @ 07:03 PM

Great to see you after so many years, “Le Baron”! You captured the event well both in image and word.

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