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Surfing Dolphins

By Staff

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by Kevin Naughton, Surf Journalist

    “Our world is one of air and water, theirs one of water and air.  As mammals, we went our separate ways millions of years ago.  But that hasn’t stopped us from staying in touch.  After all, we share the same liquid playground.  Anyone who has been in the ocean when dolphins are around can’t help feeling these are sentient beings supremely aware of us—especially when we see them catching waves.

    In his 20 minute film, Surfing Dolphins, filmmaker Greg Huglin crosses the liquid line that separates us from them.  It’s a stunning labor of love—fourteen years in the making—with visuals that will elicit gasps of wonder and awe.  If ever there was a case for them and us occupying separate but parallel worlds, this film is it.  Proof positive dolphins love to catch waves, and can surf over-under-in-and-around those waves in a manner we can only dream of.  That’s how the film makes us feel at times, as if we’re watching images from an underwater dream.

    From the film’s beginning, when dolphins rise to the surface to play and surf at a remote bay in South Africa, we’re clearly witnessing one of the seven wonders of the natural world. In wave after wave, Greg captures their freewheeling expression sessions performed in perfect synchronicity.  The energy is palpable.  Dolphins know how to have fun!

    Greg’s tightly-framed ultra slow motion footage zeros in on our aquatic brethren surfing inside and performing graceful aerial arcs out the backs of waves. You don’t have to be a surfer to appreciate this film, but only a surfer could have made it this way.  There’s a sense of kinship with our one species-removed cetacean cousins.  We’re connected by a shared understanding of the nuances of timing and positioning in riding the energy.

    The short running time makes Surfing Dolphins an ideal choice for showings at aquariums and ocean institutes.  Owning this film is a must for anyone’s essential collection.”

Check out all of Greg’s work at www.GregHuglin.com.

For more of Greg’s story, check out Glenn Dubock’s interview of Greg as originally published in DEEP Magazine *Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view .pdf file.  For your free download, please visit www.Adobe.com.







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» wrote on 01.24.10 @ 05:41 PM

Looks awesome Greg! Wish I could be there for the premiere, I suppose we are there in a way every time we paddle out with our distant relatives ruling the peak! Kia kaha brother!

» wrote on 01.24.10 @ 11:53 PM

That is sick air!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could do that!!!

» wrote on 01.25.10 @ 03:28 PM

Wow…wish it was more than 20 minutes..I could watch dolphins for hours. smile I can’t wait to check this film out!

» wrote on 01.28.10 @ 03:06 AM

I can’t wait to see this film at the SBIFF.  I have heard that it is really GOOD! Congrats Greg!

» wrote on 01.31.10 @ 09:29 PM

Dear Greg, This is so beautiful! Can we purchase it on DVD?  Thank you!

» wrote on 02.02.10 @ 01:35 PM

We’re not selling dvd’s of “Surfing Dolphins” but it will be available as VOD (Video On Demand) at Amazon.com and TheSurfNetwork.com in a few weeks.
I hope you come to one of the SBIFF showing where you we can see it on a big screen.
“Surfing Dolphins’ will be showing at the Wavescape Surf Film Festival in Capetown and Durban later this year. Hope to see you there bru.

» wrote on 02.02.10 @ 08:16 PM

I can’t find it listed on the SBIFF site…amd I crazy? I’d like to know how to get tickets.

» wrote on 02.04.10 @ 12:20 PM

‘Surfing Dolphins’ is playing ahead of a great film titled ‘Shaped’.
For some reason the SBIFF didn’t list the film in their schedule. ‘

» wrote on 02.16.10 @ 10:35 PM

February 16th.

Here’s the link at http://www.TheSurfNetwork to download the entire 20 minute film ‘Surfing Dolphins’.


Thanks to everyone who attended the shows at Victoria Hall.
Greg Huglin

» wrote on 06.28.10 @ 10:43 PM

We are dolphin lovers!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!   

Love from South Pasadena, California

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