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The January Swell

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“PANGA PORNO” by Steve Bissell

    I’ve been daydreaming about shooting Rincon from a small boat with a medium telephoto for quite some time.  Recently, my son in law “Carlos”, the infamous hit man from South America, offered up a ride on his new panga that he inherited from one of his latest “best hits” list so I could test out the rare ocean view of Rincon on a moving platform.  The swell was supposed to be bigger, but I’ll take what I can when dealing with this weak winter.  The naughty little “panganista” zoomed down to Rincon in no time, I imagined that we were being watched very closely by the authorities…probably thought that we were on our way somewhere to get high…that would be a “yes”.  The minute I saw Rincon and her blind side to most photographers, I was buzzin’ big time.  WOW!!  What a cool angle, daydreams can be real.  I really enjoyed myself, exploring a new angle of an old girlfriend.  Carlos was very shifty as expected, and managed to outwit and dodge every incoming wave Davey Jones threw at us.  He was quite pleased with his latest adventure, the only disappointment was the lack of dead bodies floating in the surf.  That’s my son in law, and I just love him for that sweet little bonding time.  Here’s to Carlos and The ‘Con!

Watch the Slideshow


    While Steve Bissell was at Rincon shooting from the panga, Jon Shafer was down the coast in Ventura harvesting the fruits of the big swell at C Street.  The Ventura Pier was rocking with the sets as public officials threatened to close it down to foot traffic.  Check out the slideshow!

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» wrote on 01.24.13 @ 07:02 PM

“Oye Steve O… love the undercover “panga” work!!
  “for your eyes only stuff”
  Always stay young…stay active…stay cool under
  fire !!
    de la PanĂ .... tu hermano ruperto

» wrote on 01.25.13 @ 04:45 PM

Nice show Steve - beautiful pictures…..lucky you to have Carl to take you out on his boat.

» wrote on 01.25.13 @ 06:46 PM

Nice slides shows from both of you! Keep the stoke going.

» wrote on 01.28.13 @ 01:38 AM

Nice work,Steve. I was at an undisclosed location and somewhat unavailable. Glad to see it happened. I’ll get you an image or two. R

» wrote on 12.30.14 @ 05:29 PM

Another outstanding show from the King. You are the man!!
Love your work, keep it up!!

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