Goleta - Santa Barbara - Carpinteria, Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Dick Jurgensen

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Another Classic Image from the Tucker Stevens Collection


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» wrote on 11.20.10 @ 09:54 PM

Dick Jurgensen was a early SB 1950’s longboard surfer. He started on a IKE surfboard and surfed Miramar and Hammonds. In the early 1960’s he moved to Hawaii and started his life and family there. After making his fortune there he moved to Oregon and started a horse farm with his wife. Then in the mid 2000’s he discovered he had cancer and passed away. Bob Perko, Mike Doyle, John Eichert Paul Douglas, Jim Innis, Tucker Stevens, and many others shared many wonderful times with Dick in his surfing days. The “38” Ford Panel truck belongs to Tucker Stevens.

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